with the co-founder of your dreams

About Us

Wingspan Studios is an institutional co-founder with a special knack for rapid product development and navigating product-market fit. As we co-found with outstanding entrepreneurs, we’re not only your perfect partner in building a successful company, but we’re also your initial investor.

We are experts in:



Product Strategy







Why Build With Us?

With us, you can bring your dream into reality faster than on your own.

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Multi-faceted co-founding team of designers, engineers, and more.

Salary & benefits from day one

Tech platform - We build features day one of MVP creation

Back-office services (HR, recruiting, finance, operations, etc)

Guaranteed funding allows you to focus 100% on the customer, problem, and product

Less dilution

Flexible team structure for waxing/waning needs (efficient)

On Your Own

One dimensional co-founder

Salary once you raise enough, benefits after that

Blank slate - build boilerplate stuff, then features next month

Wasting time on low-level tasks and management

Spending precious early days distracted by fundraising

Diluted more heavily by co-founders, early team, and funding.

Fixed team structure - make the best with who you have (inefficient)

A Proven Model

Building with a studio is a proven model for achieving greater success faster and with more certainty.


A studio company’s average time from zero to series A is 25.2 months (vs 56 for stand-alone)

More Certain

72% of studio companies raise a series A (vs 42% of traditional startups)

More Valuable

Studios average 53% IRR while the average VC portfolio only generates 19% IRR


How does it work?

You bring a dream and ambition to see it through. We provide the rest. We’ll build a company together through the five stages of our proven process.

Our Thesis

We’re here to help you build your dream venture-fundable B2B SaaS product, but some products fit our model better. We believe the best companies have four qualities:


start generating revenue from day one

Cheat code

have an inherent advantage in reaching customers


offer a product that keeps users coming back

Product-led growth

grow through the strength of the product

Should we be talking?

We are drawn to veteran founders, but can back anyone with solid experience who has their own ideas about a killer solution to a painful problem and brings deep industry insights and an edge in market access.

If this is you, and you’re prepared to:

Commit full-time to the venture, setting aside other projects.

Raise additional funds when necessary.

Take on the CEO role, managing daily business operations.

Lead and manage a fully-remote organization.

If you’re already working on a promising project, that’s a plus. We’re here to help your venture take flight faster. Let’s explore how we can do this together.